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It's Time

Posted on Jan 18, 2021 by Mark Muehl - School Choice

It’s time to let your friends and neighbors know that Lutheran schools are there for them. Lutheran Schools are eager to share opportunities to grow children's gifts, gifts that are given by our gracious God. We also are eager to remind parents that those kids of theirs are most… Read More

Time to Invest your Time in School Choice

Posted on Dec 28, 2020 by Mark Muehl - School Choice

As we approach the next legislative session in Indiana, The board of The Lutheran SGO of Indiana wants to remind everyone of the importance of fighting to protect what has been achieved with School Choice in Indiana. To that end, we created a few short videos, featuring our… Read More

Be a VIP!

Posted on Aug 10, 2020 by Mark Muehl - Funding the Mission - School Choice

It’s coming very soon- The Lutheran School Partnership’s first ever fundraising event, Very Important Partnerships (VIP). As a reader of this post, you are one of our VIPs as you value Lutheran education and follow the activities of TLSP. As a VIP, we enjoy your support through… Read More

What reasons do you hear for lack of attending or lack of support of Lutheran schools? Too expensive. Too risky. Not addressing my child’s needs. Hypocritical. Not a priority. Just too hard to justify. These and more have been mumbled or quite audible by members of our churches,… Read More

"Without Fear" - TLSP VIP Signature Event

Posted on Mar 22, 2020 by Mark Muehl - News and Events - School Choice - SGO

The day is drawing closer for TLSP’s inaugural VIP Signature Event, Thursday, April 16 at the Walb International Ballroom of Purdue Fort Wayne University. At that time, we will hear from the Rev Dr Gregory Seltz. His message is sure to resonate as he encourages us with similar… Read More

We know that no one can put a price tag on a quality education, but we still strive to make it very affordable. In fact, parents are often surprised at just how reasonable the cost is to attend one of our schools. We also offer various payment plans and tuition assistance to… Read More

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