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Why Choose Lutheran Schools: The Elementary Years

Posted on Sep 01, 2019 by Alicia Levitt - School Choice

Elementary school, usually categorized as including grades K or 1-5, sets the stage for young people in so many ways. Many positive characteristics can be seen in the elementary years. Students in these grades are growing academically by leaps and bounds, developing strong… Read More

Religious Liberty White Paper

Posted on Feb 11, 2019 by Mark Muehl - School Choice

The Indiana Non-Public Education Association (INPEA) supports the religious diversity and religious liberties of our member school communities. Every child is an individual, and every student arrives at school with a unique set of abilities, needs, and goals. That’s why the… Read More

Primer on School Choice

Posted on Apr 23, 2018 by Mark Muehl - School Choice

School Choice. It’s a controversial topic that is like a tsunami throughout our country. School Choice is about kindergarten through grade 12 options for education- public schools, public charter schools, public magnet schools, private schools, online academies, and… Read More

It’s All about the Kids

Posted on Nov 06, 2017 by Jon Dize - School Choice - SGO

In my role as administrator of The Lutheran SGO of Indiana, I get to report to everyone on the benefits of the program; the 50% credit, growth of funds raised by our schools to over $1.7 million since July 1, how we are nearing 50% of the credits gone, and how we think the… Read More

This year more than 30,000 students will again head to their school of choice, made possible by the Indiana School Choice Scholarship. With more students than ever participating in the voucher program, and 81 percent of parents saying they’re “overwhelmingly satisfied_” with… Read More

Choice scholarships (vouchers) are a good deal for Indiana taxpayers.Opponents of school choice argue that choice scholarships are too expensive for taxpayers. But the fact is public schools use more tax dollars per student than private schools, making the School Choice… Read More

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