Sisters Giving Back to Suburban Bethlehem

Posted on Aug 01, 2016 by Mark Muehl - Christian Leadership

Kelsey and Kayli Greener Impact YouthKayli and Kelsey Greener, members of Suburban Bethlehem Church, decided to give back to the community that gave so much to them. As sisters who attended the school kindergarten through eighth grade, they are now youth group leaders trying to influence the next generation for Christ.“Suburban Bethlehem is so family oriented,” Kayli says. “That’s one of the biggest reasons we love it.”Kelsey and Kayli’s parents were longtime members and their dad served on the school board. Kayli says that being a part of the Suburban Bethlehem Church and School shaped her life and led her to become a teacher in NACS school district teaching second grade.“I loved school my whole life and now I’m a teacher,” Kayli says. “My second and third grade teacher Amy Greener was one of my big influences and I went into college wanting to teach second or third grade.”Both of the sisters said Suburban Bethlehem shaped their view of life. Extracurricular activities, like sports, taught them valuable lessons on character development.“We had good sportsmanship here and learned to respect the coaches,” Kelsey says.Her positive sports experiences led her to become Suburban Bethlehem’s 7th-8th grade volleyball coach and 5th-6th grade basketball coach. But the spiritual growth both girls had while attending Suburban Bethlehem has made the most impact.“We went to public school [in high school] where we couldn’t pray or study the Bible,” Kayli adds. “That day-to day scripture, prayer, and devotional study shaped us into the people we are today.”“We have a better understanding of the Bible and its meaning,” Kelsey says. “If I wouldn’t have had that basis, where would have my life have been? I feel solid in my faith and it was easier to go through high school. There will be those students that go to public school. The kids are well trained and prepared for that.”Their experiences led the sisters to start a middle school youth group at Suburban Bethlehem and meet the needs of their growing congregation.“We want to emphasize that personal relationship,” Kayli says. “We hope kids come to us with concerns and struggles. We want to set them up for wherever they go.”One of the most impacting events was the death of their father, who passed away a few days after Kelsey graduated from high school. Though it was a difficult time for the Greener family, the church and school reached out in their time of need.Kelsey says, “If anything shaped us, that would be the defining moment.”Because of the love and support they’ve received at Suburban Bethlehem, Kelsey and Kayli Greener are looking forward to impacting the next generation.