The Star of Bethlehem From an Astronomer's Viewpoint

Posted on Dec 26, 2022 by Jon Dize - Christian Leadership - Lutheran Spirit - Christian Living

The article pages scanned and inserted below is a reprint from our December 28, 2020 Monday Morning Musing post, but has been periodically shared by me since its printing in the 1996 Imprimis, the monthly periodical of Hillsdale College. This was a reprint from a 1993 issue, of a 1992 presentation. Yes, it’s that good!

The topic delves into using the stars and what astronomers know about them to help them pinpoint what they consider the actual birthday of Jesus (they do not support December 25, 0 A.D.)

Certainly faith in Christ is gift from the Holy Spirit and believing in Jesus and His Word doesn’t need anything more than this assurance. However, during these times of discrediting the Bible, poo-pooing its truths, and using “science” to make false assertions, it is refreshing to see a scientist using science to support a key Sola of the Christian Faith: Scripture as the inerrant word of God.

Please take 20 minutes and read the article. Download the images and share with others. Re-read them next year, too, as we keep looking upward as the shepherds did over 2,000 years ago.