Survive and Thrive

Posted on Aug 23, 2020 by Mark Muehl - Funding the Mission

Determining one’s own truth- sexuality, life issues, morality.

Who would have ever thought that one would argue about being male and female, challenge the intrinsic value of life itself (in the unborn or aging) or even suggest that reality changes by how one feels from one minute to another? Consistency? Standards? Principles? Our moorings are more than challenged. Progressive thought and theory has become a reality of actions and life.

Some topics come under the guise of “political disagreements,” “personal choices,” or “differences of opinion.” But are they? How do we involve ourselves in what some might call “civil discourse” without the topic being perceived as a personal attack or a bigoted mindset?

Lutheran schools challenge ourselves to the words of the apostle Paul striving to “speak the truth in love.” Unfortunately, when truth is not accepted as the words and teachings that come from the mouth of God- written in the Bible- accusation and defensiveness can be a product.

You’re invited to the Lutheran school community where life is treasured as a gift from God and where children are nurtured with a love and compassion that seeks to share Jesus in word and action.

You’re also invited to encourage this important mission. Pray for this work. Invite others to “Catch the Lutheran Spirit.” Consider your financial support of a school, of scholarships or for the unique work of The Lutheran Schools Partnership. Join us September 3 at Parkview Field for our VIP Event (

Each of these will be an encouragement to continue to “speak the truth in love.”