Thanks for your support

Posted on Feb 06, 2015 by Jon Dize - News and Events - SGO

Thanks to the more than 350 parents, students, administrators, board members, pastors, and other interested parties who filled the International Ballroom at IPFW on January 27 for the Allen County School Choice Rally. I hope you were one of the attendees shouting "Good Choice!" in response to "School Choice!"From the "School Choice Dance" led by students from Lutheran South Unity School, to the National Anthem performed by the Bishop Luers Chamber Choir, to Emmaus Lutheran's Pastor Roy Olsen leading us in "God Bless America," everyone in attendance enjoyed the sense of camaraderie--knowing they were not alone in supporting School Choice. Choice is making a significant difference for families, and that's to be supported.We were thrilled with the media coverage. WANE-TV and the Journal Gazette gave fair and rather unbiased coverage of the rally and of the issues surrounding School Choice in Indiana.The rally was one opportunity for the Lutheran community to demonstrate its support of Choice legislation in our state. However, there were noticeable absences. Each of our schools, even those not participating in Choice Scholarships, is still benefiting from the efforts in our state to further School Choice. All our schools are benefiting from SGOs. State tax credits of $1,000 are available to all who have kids in nonpublic schools. Dollars in our pockets--dollars that are at risk without our individual and corporate support.Please take time to share your support of School Choice with your state legislators. Their ongoing work for us in Indianapolis is a challenging effort. Share the high expectations that Lutheran schools provide for our students.Thank them for their efforts to make a high-quality education available for all kids in the state through Choice Scholarships. Feel free to use this link to make the needed connection with your representative or senator. They'll be happy to hear from you.Finally, a School Choice rally will occur at the Statehouse on Thursday, February 19. All Indiana fourth-graders have been invited to attend (travel costs to be reimbursed by the Institute for Quality Education). Having been there for this rally in the past, I hope our schools will be well-represented.