Thanks, Thrivent (Again)

Posted on Feb 25, 2019 by Jon Dize - Funding the Mission - SGO

During the fiscal year, The Lutheran SGO of Indiana will receive notice of matching gifts… gifts from employers that match (or double-match) donations received from their employees and retirees.

This week we received notice of another batch of matching gifts, this time from Thrivent Financial employees. A review of the matching information site shows that and we received nearly $54,000 in matching dollars from Thrivent in 2018... $54,000!

Curious George that I am, I went ahead and checked the database of matching giving from Thrivent since our inception in the 2012-2013 year, and we have received, drum roll, please, over $153,000 in matching gifts from Thrivent. If you include the original gifts from those employees, we are looking at nearly $200,000 in gifts thanks in some way to Thrivent Financial.

$200,000 translates into 400 scholarships... 400 students that have or will beable to attend the 19 schools in Northeast Indiana or the 53 schools in our family of schools across the state... 400 students that have or will receive a quality, Christian education… 400 lives changed!

Thanks, Thrivent, for continuing to be one of our largest, and most consistent, supporters of scholarships; thank you, for changing the lives of families in Indiana; and many thanks, for Living the Lutheran Spirit.

P.S. And Thrivent doesn’t stop there! The Lutheran SGO of Indiana, as well as The Lutheran Schools Partnership, annually receives Thrivent Action Team Grants and Thrivent Choice Dollars- another source of “free money” available by Thrivent members for a fraction of their time to benefit quality, Christian organizations.