The 7 Rs of Successful Fundraising

Posted on Oct 12, 2015 by Jon Dize - Funding the Mission

Fundraising is a process; it takes planning.Perhaps I should add, successful fundraising is a process. Sure, you can "hope for the best", "just put it out there", "hey, let's tell the congregation that if everyone donated $100..."The shotgun approach does hit something; heck, even I was successful at my first time skeet shooting with a shotgun. It does not mean I will ever hit a duck this season.Below are the "7-Rs" of any successful fundraising process.Read along with me: "It takes the... Right Person(Principal? Fundraising staff? Board chair?)
...asking the Right Person(How are they linked to you?)
...for the Right Amount(Ask too much and they shoo you away; ask too little, and that is what you get!) the Right Time(Year-end? After April 15? They will tell you. Make sure you listen!)
...for the Right Reason(Do they like scholarships? New computers? What's it for?) the Right Way(Does a letter work? Should you ask in person? is Giving Tuesday "for them"?)
...with the Right Vehicle(Do they understand endowments? Do they need the income from a charitable gift annuity? Is a capital campaign in your future?)BONUS-R: ... Right Now. (You can't receive if you don't ask. Period.)Everything with successful fundraising hinges on these Rs. Miss your mark on one or more of them, and your gift may not happen, or may not happen at the level you need.On the other hand, if you plan your fundraising efforts with these principles in mind, your success is much more likely. Want to talk it through? Give me a call or send me a quick email to schedule a time to talk about your school's fundraising initiatives.Helping advance Lutheran education,Jon Dize