The Investment of a Lifetime - Lutheran Schools

Posted on Apr 26, 2021 by Mark Muehl - Christian Leadership - Funding the Mission - Lutheran Spirit - Quality Education

Lutheran Schools Investment of Lifetime

I was talking with a school principal recently, who shared the following story that I need to share with you:

This principal received a call from a mom of an alum recently who wanted to stop in and see them. The principal remembered her child as one that had at first struggled at the school, but by the time the child graduated from 8th grade, the child was one of the favorites. Since that time, this student would visit during their high school years, and now that this person is in college, visits during breaks with the principal still occur.

Now comes the exclamation mark. When the mother visited the principal she brought with her a four-figure donation! She explained, “A few years ago when we were struggling to afford tuition, an anonymous donor paid our tuition bill. We didn’t owe anything! It was a blessing from God.” She remembered that generosity, and vowed to help another family some day. “Don’t tell me who they are, but please use this gift to help another family like we were helped.

The principal’s eyes started to tear as she finished the story. What a joy it was to have the privilege to tell a current family this year, “It’s OK; your tuition is taken care of.”

Why share this story with you?

  • If you are a donor to a school scholarship, know that your investment is changing lives now and in the future, and will continue to compound eternally.
  • If you are a teacher or principal, know that the time and effort you are investing now will pay dividends as your students grow, mature, and get to know Jesus. That effort will come back to you one day.

What’s the best part of this story? This is but one story, from one principal, from one school. Imagine how many other stories there are with 350 educators, at 19 schools, with nearly 4,000 students a year, covering a span of nearly 200 years of Lutheran education in Northeast Indiana!

Keep investing in our Lutheran Schools; this story is why we do what we do.