The Lord Has Need of It

Posted on Dec 03, 2018 by Mark Muehl - Best Practices - Lutheran Spirit

“The Lord has need of it.”The disciples said this to the colt owner as they untied the colt for Jesus parade into Jerusalem. Jesus told his disciples exactly what to do, what would happen, and how to respond. Lo and behold, it came to be just as Jesus said.Jesus command might seem a bit presumptuous. The colt wasn’t the disciples’ but Jesus told them to bring it to him. The disciples were simply told to respond to “What’s up?” with “Jesus needs it.”Very simply, what colt has Jesus asked you to give? What challenge has He placed on you to demonstrate love for one another? Our schools will provide ample opportunities in the weeks to come for students to share Jesus love. Socks drives, gift giving, food bank sharing and much more will be hallmarks of how our schools will share their gifts.Here’s an additional challenge.Lutheran schools are strong ways to share Christ to kids of all ages, male and female, those of various talents and abilities. While almost trite these days, Jesus is the reason for the season. Without the celebration of Jesus birth in Bethlehem starting His walk to the cross, Christmas is no more than a holiday, a day off, a party.
In no other time in our lifetimes have our Lutheran schools differentiated themselves from the culture of the day. Teaching about Jesus and encouraging a life that walks in His teachings are counterculture. Even here in Fort Wayne and northeast Indiana, it’s obvious that the options for our kids outside of Lutheran education challenge and threaten faith and life. Yet even within Lutheran circles, some have walked away from the opportunities God has given them in supporting generously the sharing of the Gospel and the peace and comfort of Christ choosing instead to direct riches granted by God towards things that do NOT have eternal ramifications.As you consider gifts for one another, please speak to your principal about unique gifting available to you in supporting Christ and His work in our schools. The gift will be a blessing to many and will be blessed by the Lord toward you as well.Also consider how you may support the unique ministry that TLSP is for the schools of northeast Indiana. We are humbled by the opportunities that God daily places in front of us in encouraging our teachers, administrators, pastors, admission counselors and board leadership. Your gift will be a great blessing to us. ( tells the followers in Thessalonica, “...May the Lord make you increase and abound in love for one another...” (1 Thessalonians 3) May that blessing be to you as well.