The Lutheran Schools Partnership 2021 Educator of the Year Award

Posted on Jun 07, 2021 by Mark Muehl - News and Events

Mrs. Angie Owen has been announced as the winner of The Lutheran Schools Partnership 2021 Educator of the Year Award. Mrs. Owen was presented with the award in a surprise ceremony at the beginning of her school’s end of year chapel service. Her husband, son, friends and colleagues were in attendance.

Angie Owen’s career in Lutheran education has spanned 34 years. She currently teaches and leads curriculum efforts at Concordia Lutheran School on Lake Avenue. Angie received her education degree from Concordia University in River Forest, Illinois.

A nomination letter received on Mrs. Owen’s behalf said, “She leads by example, and is definitely a teacher who invests in each and every student, both while they are in her classroom and after they have graduated.”

This year, Angie took on the added responsibility of virtual teaching with one nominee saying, "She has made sure each child is connected to the lessons and the school and even though my child isn't in the classroom physically she's gone above and all the way beyond what is required.”

The Lutheran Schools Partnership, an organization supporting Lutheran education in northeast Indiana, instituted the Lutheran Schools Partnership Educator of the Year Award to honor a Lutheran educator from one of the nineteen schools in their partnership. Nominations were based on teaching excellence in the areas of classroom instruction, educational innovation, supervision and administration, and Christian leadership. In addition, nominees were recognized as those who support the comprehensive ministry of the school, in and out of the classroom.

Mrs. Owen will be honored again at The Lutheran Schools Partnership VIP Event on August 28 at the Mirro Center.