The Secret Sauce in Lutheran Education: Champions and Chapel Services

Posted on May 23, 2019 by Jon Dize - Funding the Mission - Lutheran Spirit

While not related directly to fundraising, I would like to share how much I enjoy visiting our school chapel services and what it all means to me.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the chapel service of Central Lutheran School in New Haven on May 15, 2019.

First of all, nothing beats a Lutheran school chapel service; kids and teachers singing hymns together, kids leading in the choir; groups reciting scripture and the Lord’s Prayer; guests from the community of all ages in the pews because, well, they love chapel services, too! Especially in a community like New Haven, you can see just how important the chapel service is in the life of the school and the community.

This chapel service had a celebration component, too: I was attending because their middle school science teacher, Jon Bolt, was receiving the 2019 Distinguished Lutheran Middle School Teacher Award from the Lutheran Education Association (“LEA”). See the article here. I was already looking forward to the award celebration, having posted to Linkedin the quote to end all quotes for our schools from Mr. Bolt: “We’re in the business of getting kids into heaven.”

As I was enjoying the service from the safety of the back pews, someone ushered me up to the front and I was asked, on behalf of The Lutheran Schools Partnership, to join an impressive Lutheran support system: Mr. Bolt receiving his award and citing the example of his Lutheran teacher family; his father in the audience (who won a similar award from LEA when he was actively teaching); John Weber, Central Lutheran principal and a fine fundraising leader in his own right; Dr. Kevin Brockberg, Indiana District Executive for Education; and Dr. Jonathan Laabs, from the national and international Lutheran Education Association (LEA).

(Picture above: The author reluctantly joining these Champions of Lutheran education, from L to R, Mr. Weber, Mr. Bolt, Dr. Brockberg, and Dr. Laabs)

I was able to hear from the stage about a teacher who loves his school and the kids within it; a teacher who was encouraged to become a Lutheran teacher by example at home and who continues to be supported by Champions of Lutheran education on the local, regional, statewide, national, and international arenas.

Local, Regional, Statewide, National and beyond. All champions, all with a single goal of getting kids to heaven. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Donor, look at what your continued support at levels can do. Thanks!

So, I suppose this post was related to fundraising just a bit. But mostly on Champions and Chapel Services.

(Picture on left: a fitting memorial to Mr. Bolt outside of Central Lutheran School, New Haven)