Thoughtful, Intentional and Impactful: Low Friction, High Impact Giving

Posted on Dec 12, 2022 by Mark Muehl - Best Practices - Funding the Mission - Lutheran Spirit

Zach and Lindsey Scherer are unique encouragers for us at TLSP. They are one of two recurring monthly donors to TLSP. Zach also participates in our fundraising committee, giving helpful insights for ways to seek support for TLSP.

Recurring monthly donors? What is it? Why that instead of a one time gift? Why not put a gift in the mail or submit the contribution every month? Zach was kind enough to share his thoughts on recurring gifting from his perspective and this post shares some of his thoughts on the subject.

Zach shared, “What we've come to find is that in our lives, the idea of recurring gifting is the least amount of friction as possible. Years ago, Lindsey and I experienced this for the first time as we set up an automatic contribution to our church.”

The Scherers have now set up monthly giving to TLSP, too, and he suggests that TLSP encourage folks to do the same. He sees it much like the way subscription services like Hulu, Netflix, Disney Plus, and magazine subscriptions work- “set it and forget it... low friction, least friction, part of normal life.”

Some might see this giving as being thoughtless and heartless. However, there are reasons to encourage this kind of giving because it is quite thoughtful, intentional and impactful.

Thoughtful? Any gift is thoughtful...and appreciated. Money sent to support an interest is normally done with knowledge of the organization and a recognition that the organization is making a difference.

Intentional? I’ve heard the argument that a check written on a monthly basis is more intentional. I don’t agree. To set up a recurring gift takes effort and it is done with the intent of being sure that the gift is going to be made. It also has the possibility of additional gifting at other points of the year.

Impactful? Recurring donations spread donations across the entire year, lessening the financial effect on the donor and making the commitment more manageable. The gifts also provide organizations like TLSP a regular revenue stream.

Monthly giving is an important and rewarding way to show your support for the nonprofit organizations you love- organizations like TLSP. Even just a few guaranteed dollars a month can help for planning, demonstrating sustainability to future donors. Overall, recurring gifts can be a difference maker as we have a reliance on the generosity of folks like you.

As you consider your end of year giving, consider TLSP and think about the impact your commitment to a recurring gift can bring like Zach and Lindsey’s impact every month to TLSP.