Time to Invest your Time in School Choice

Posted on Dec 28, 2020 by Mark Muehl - School Choice

As we approach the next legislative session in Indiana, The board of The Lutheran SGO of Indiana wants to remind everyone of the importance of fighting to protect what has been achieved with School Choice in Indiana. To that end, we created a few short videos, featuring our board Secretary/Treasurer, Eric Trauner, and state senator Dennis Kruse.

John Elsessor from the Indiana NonPublic School Association reports recently that over a billion dollars in School Choice scholarships have been received by families over the past 10 years of the program. Add to that number the millions of dollars in SGO scholarships that have been distributed...

As State Senator Kruse explains, "There will come a time that Pharaoh will not remember Joseph." Referring to the Bible passage, he convincingly illustrates how future legislators may not realize the hard-won fight to get School Choice in place.

As board member Eric Trauner notes, "we need you to contact our legislators" and thank them for the benefits of School Choice. The enemies of School Choice are working hard, so should we.

1) Please watch this video.

2) We would like to have 20 minutes at area school’s board meetings to share the video and offer our help in gathering stories, contacting legislators, and encouraging families to invest the time to say “thank you” for their work in protecting and advancing School Choice, including the SGO program.

Contact us at info@LutheranSGO.org or 260-203-4509 to schedule a meeting, get involved, or learn how you can contact your legislators to say “Thank You”.