TLSP Schools Support Ongoing Disaster Relief Efforts

Posted on Mar 02, 2018 by Alicia Levitt - Christian Leadership - News and Events

When natural disaster strikes, the devastation seems ever before us on our televisions and least for a while. Donations are sent almost immediately to help those affected by earthquakes, wildfires, and floods. However, aid may slow down as quickly as it begins. As we are reminded by LCMS Disaster Response, the need for support through prayer, donations, and volunteering is ongoing in these situations. The schools of The Lutheran Schools Partnership have a tradition of annually working together to support a chapel offering project. This year, our schools collected money during National Lutheran Schools Week and opted to send it to Lutheran schools in Houston, Texas, directly affected by Hurricane Harvey. During the National Lutheran Schools Week challenge, TLSP schools raised $10,242.03 for hurricane relief.The Lutheran Schools Partnership has established a new award for our schools, called the TLSP Challenge Cup. This trophy will be awarded annually to the school who wins a challenge placed before our schools. This year, the challenge was to raise the most money per student for hurricane relief. In the future, our schools may challenge one another to perform volunteer hours, collect items for a charity, or perform some other act of service. We look forward to having fun, challenging one another and sharing the joy of serving the Lord by serving others. [caption id="attachment_2446" align="alignright" width="300"] St. John students show off the TLSP Challenge Cup.[/caption]
The winner of the first annual TLSP Challenge is St. John Lutheran School in Kendallville. St. John raised $2033.32, which is $12.87 per student! St. John was awarded the TLSP Challenge Cup at the teacher professional development event hosted by TLSP on Feb. 16. Thanks to a Thrivent Action Team grant, St. John will also be awarded an all-school ice cream party to be served by the staff of The Lutheran Schools Partnership. Congratulations, and great work, St. John Eagles!