Unique, yet unified

Posted on Dec 20, 2014 by Mark Muehl - Christian Leadership - News and Events

We're so blessed to have 17 unique, yet unified schools. Sharing the love of Jesus is a true privilege for our principals and teachers; yet each of our schools has its own way of doing this. I'd love to share a few highlights from our year in academic excellence. Engaging technology: Schools continue to add more technology to their resources. From creating books and classroom blogs, to live Twitter feeds from trips to D.C., teachers are continuing to utilize these tools in engaging ways. Genuine collaboration: We can't improve in isolation. Our teachers and principals have truly benefited from working together on larger projects and exchanging ideas. They've requested even more collaboration opportunities for next year, and we're excited about this. Exploring 21st century learning: Project-based learning and creative use of space are two important components of 21st century learning. This year, we've seen schools begin to explore school-wide project-based learning celebrations and brainstorm idea learning environments.Coming in 2015 Tech observations: Our terrific group of tech target teachers are opening up their classrooms to their colleagues as a way to share integration ideas. We have 15 requests already from teachers for early 2015! Academic roadmap: Change is hard, especially in institutions such as schools. The Lutheran Schools Partnership wants to support our schools in their efforts to maintain academic excellence. We're in the beginning stages of establishing an academic roadmap that clearly sets a path of improvement for our schools.I can't express how much of an honor it is to be allowed to work with our teachers and in our buildings. Our teachers share the Gospel story in a multitude of ways, and we rejoice in their faith and dedication.Merry Christmas!