What's in a word?

Posted on Oct 16, 2013 by Mark Muehl - Christian Leadership

Words are powerful tools. Some words can bring joy (the news of the birth of baby), or some words can bring sadness (the death of a loved one). Some words can encourage (after a job well done), and other words can cause a lot of damage (insulting words from a parent).

In Christianity, words carry the message of the Gospel. These words are words of comfort, of forgiveness, of peace. These words come to life in the person of Jesus, and it is these words of Jesus that make our Lutheran schools unique.

The Lutheran Schools Partnership is looking for words-words that describe our Lutheran schools. Our challenge to you is describe Lutheran schools in a single word. Posed with the opportunity to complete this phrase, how would you do it?

Lutheran schools are ___________.

We look forward to your words! Just fill in the blank.