Whom Do You Fear?

Posted on Nov 05, 2018 by Mark Muehl - Christian Leadership

David writes, “The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?The LORD is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” (Psalm 27:1)

Whether David wrote this as he first became king or if he wrote this in the close of his days onearth, David provides two major insights for school leaders- teachers, principals, board members, and committee members.

First, he saw God as God and all that this means. Oh, this can be so tough for school leadership! As we are in such a strong “product and result” environment, we are easily swallowed up into a need for proving the value of our schools, our programs and even ourselves. This can quickly take the life out of ministry and make it a tremendous burden. David’s words remind us that Lutheran schools are a reflection of Christ and Christ alone. David’s declaration of “The LORD is my light” is recognition of God as THE giver of every perfect gift, of daily bread, the source of all goodness and blessing in life. While schools of any age level must be of quality to serve its families, its reason for existence distinguishes itself as Christ’s work and His impact on lives. This doesn’t minimize the responsibility of doing our best with the gifts that God gives us but it place priorities in the right place.Second, David embraced that he reflected the Light in his life....and it was not of his own accord but all thanks to God. With the confession that God is light (not just a giver of light), and the confidence that Light has power over all, including “darkness” of all kinds, we too can follow with David’s words of “Whom shall I fear?” It’s liberating to know the past, present and future are in God’s providential care. It’s also a powerful reflection that we have. Just as a full-moon can washout any number of shining stars, so our reflection of God’s love is a great influence in our community.So how does this impact ministry as we deal with contentious people and situations?Stay in the light. We know it; we teach it; we often fail to live it. Time gets away from us and we miss our personal devotions, our prayer time and sometimes even worship and Bible study. This allows for shadows to come into our lives. Instead, put these on your schedule making them a greater obligation than the monthly board meeting and quarterly voters’ meeting!Blessings to you as you find yourself lifted up (Psalm 27:6) and as you confidently share the Light.