"Why We Need Our Schools" - TLSP VIP Signature Event

Posted on Aug 03, 2020 by Mark Muehl - News and Events - School Choice - SGO

What reasons do you hear for lack of attending or lack of support of Lutheran schools?
Too expensive.
Too risky.
Not addressing my child’s needs.
Not a priority.
Just too hard to justify.

These and more have been mumbled or quite audible by members of our churches, pastors, parents, and even teachers. Past financial support of Lutheran education is looked at in awe as congregational members would take out a second mortgage just to assure that their Lutheran school would be a place where kids would be hearing the Gospel every day. In a sermon from 1870, a founder father our church, C. F. W. Walther, reflected on the sacrifice and commitment of the Saxons trek Missouri because of a “living and powerful faith, our highest possession and treasure?” He went on the say in the same sermon to speak to this commitment to the Lord by saying,”Our only real object was to save our souls, to live our faith here, to establish the true and correct public worship, and to maintain a truly Christian school for our children.” (Schools of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, Stellhorn, Concordia Publishing House 1963. P 49)

In his video invitation for the TLSP Signature event, “Boldly and Without Fear,” the Rev Dr Gregory Seltz confidently says,”Now more than ever the church and its schools need to be teaching about God’s moral order of the world as well as God’s saving of the world.” Rev Seltz is quick to share that when he first was commissioned to be the head of the Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty (http://www.lcrlfreedom.org/) he quickly realized the need for the Center’s efforts to be supporting and encouraging our synod’s Lutheran schools and universities. His enthusiasm is contagious and we look forward to his message.

It’s almost pathetic that we who are greatly blessed to have an abundance of early childhood programs, K-8s and a high school in our little part of Indiana are too often tepid and timid toward these great blessings.

Too expensive? Talk to the school leaders. It’s more affordable than you might conclude. Too risky? The risk is greater to not have a child in the nurture of Christian teachers and within a community of forgiveness.

Not addressing a child’s unique needs? It happens, and sometimes we hang our head knowing a need was missed. But the communication needed from home to school and school to home takes work and dedication.

Hypocritical? It’s a favorite term to be placed on a Christian. Perfect love and obedience is not found in our schools other than through knowing the perfect love and life of Jesus.

Not a priority? Being in heaven with me is my ultimate goal for my parenting of my kids, even as they are young adults and having their own kids. I can find no greater priority than sharing Jesus with kids...and doing it daily.

It’s time to enthusiastically, or as Rev Seltz says, “Boldly and without fear,” raise up our schools as priorities, as caring communities, as bastians of moral strength and as places where Jesus is known.

Your prayers, your words of enthusiasm and your monetary support are needed. Catch the Lutheran Spirit.