Woodburn Lutheran Impacts Family of Seven

Posted on Oct 10, 2016 by Mark Muehl - Quality Education

The Gentz Family Invests in Christian EducationJake and Jamie Gentz had a big decision when it came time for their oldest son, Jacob, to go to kindergarten. Parents to five kids, they knew that whatever school they chose, they would be making a decision that impacted their whole family.
“I did a walk through of Woodburn Lutheran School,” Jake says. “The Christian education was important to us and we felt it was best for Jacob.”That was ten years ago. Their son, now 15, experienced such a good education at Woodburn that all four of his siblings have followed in his footsteps. Part of their positive experience can be credited to teachers who invested in their students’ lives and engaged with them personally.“There has been a lot of bonding with the teachers,” Jake adds. “It’s a tight knit group.”But it isn’t just the kids who are involved in the school. For the Gentz family, it’s a family affair. Jake coaches track and is the disc jockey for the school dances, while Jamie and Jake organized this year’s field day. The reason they volunteer isn’t just because the need is there, but the impact on students’ lives.“We see children as our mission and do it as the Lord’s work.” Jamie says. “Some people go oversees to serve, but this is in our backyard.”“You’re not going to find a better place for the kids to go--academically, athletically, or spiritually,” Jake says. “What they’re doing here is something special.”When their daughter Bekah experienced some health problems, the school stepped in to show they cared.“The school has always gone out of their way to help when things have come up,” Jake says. “When Bekah had some health issues, the school connected with her and comforted her when she was worried.”The Gentz family has seen the way Woodburn Lutheran School reaches out to students to give them a great education and a solid spiritual foundation.“It prepared Jacob to go into public high school and gave him a firm foundation of faith to grow upon,” Jamie says.“Every year that goes by, there is no question of where to send them,” Jake adds. “We just know it’s the right move.”