You Can Make a Difference

Posted on Feb 01, 2021 by Mark Muehl

School Choice will be challenged again in this legislative session here in Indiana. While it has been upheld as constitutional in the courts and enjoyed by parents and their kids, opponents will again speak to stealing from public schools and hurting the compensation possibilities of public school teachers. Somehow, even with steady increases in the state budget for education, it never seems quite enough.

I’m thankful for the opportunities that all of the School Choice options bring for Hoosier families. I’m glad families can choose their own school. I’m glad they can match a school to their family’s needs and priorities. I’m glad there is a unique opportunity for families to choose a school that supports their desire to hear about Jesus throughout the day.

So with that, please accept this post as an encouragement to share with your legislator how school choice- choice scholarships (vouchers), tax credit scholarships (SGOs) and tax deductions- have supported your family’s interests for educating your kids (or your grandkids....or your neighbor’s kids).

This session has already shown that legislators see the value of expanding school choice. Bills have been and will be introduced to raise financial eligibility to 300% of free and reduced lunch, move all vouchers to the 90% level, and add a new Educational Savings Account Program for special needs students, children in military families, and foster care children. These all say to Hoosier families, “We trust you to make a decision that best supports you and your family.”

So how can you be part of the legislative process? Write a letter, text or email your elected representatives to let them know where you stand. Legislators want to hear from you....really, they do! And the positive stories are golden! The stories of the embrace of school choice opportunities move mountains! As this is the 10th anniversary of School Choice in Indiana, we have plenty of positive messages of how school choice opportunities made a positive difference for kids. Share those stories.

You can easily send a message to your elected representatives via INPEA's Legislative Action Center here. INPEA is an integral partner for Lutheran schools as INPEA speaks on behalf of our schools but also helps you in your desire to speak to legislators. Ultimately, INPEA discerns how legislation is going to affect our schools and keeps principals and heads of school informed....and then keeps you informed.

But a call has a huge impact. Take time to connect with your legislator. Click Here for a list of our local legislators and their contact info (note that Rep Carbaugh and Rep Heine are members of Lutheran churches here in the Fort Wayne area. We thank them for their commitment to their Lord and to those they represent)