You Might Be a Fundraiser If…

Posted on Oct 31, 2022 by Jon Dize - Best Practices - Funding the Mission

With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy and his famous redneck bits, you might be a fundraiser if:

  • You like relating with people

  • You like working with people

  • You enjoy “connecting the dots”

  • You enjoy sharing the success stories of your school

  • You can use phases like, “would you consider”

  • You have a thick skin

  • You can read this list and say to yourself, “yea, I get it.”

Our schools are in need of fundraisers, including on-staff folks, but also volunteers, board members, and alumni that want to help connect to donors. We often say, “No one gets into fundraising on purpose, we all stumble into it.”

We also say, “Give me a person with passion for our school over someone with experience. We can teach the fundraising, that’s the easy part; we can’t teach the passion.” Between Partnership coaching & mentoring and classes at the IU School of Philanthropy, there are lots of ways to become a fundraiser.

If you have the passion, give us or your school a call. Rednecks or while collars alike are welcome.