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Our unique early childhood education programs set children up for success for kindergarten and beyond. Whether you are looking for infant care or flexibility for preschool, our Lutheran Early Childhood Programs have all your options covered throughout northeast Indiana. Our preschool programs use hands-on learning experiences and play to inspire creativity, and Christ-centered lessons to build a foundation for lifelong faith and learning. It’s the perfect environment to nurture children’s hearts, minds, and spirits.

Academic success starts early.

Learning begins long before kindergarten. As parents and caregivers, you are the first teacher in your child’s life. The next step is partnering with an early childhood program that meets your families unique needs during this time. And the right kind of preschool experiences can provide a smooth, successful transition to kindergarten. To set students up for success, our early childhood staff and teachers support each child’s needs and provide enriched learning experiences that are developmentally appropriate for every stage of growth.

Learning that feels more like home.

In our early childhood programs, small class sizes make learning feel more like home. Parents who choose one of our Lutheran Early Childhood Education Programs say they feel they have gained a new family. From the newest infant to the soon-to-be preschool graduate, every early childhood student is known and loved.

Setting the Foundation for the future.

Once you select an Early Childhood Program for your family, the learning does not stop at preschool. Our early childhood education programs prepare your child for the next step in their education at one of our Lutheran Elementary Schools. This is a partnership we are proud to have in northeast Indiana as we work to build a strong community beginning with our children as we set the foundation for their future education and faith.

Many of our early childhood programs are connected to a Lutheran elementary school where preschool-age children interact with other students of all ages—giving them the confidence to conquer kindergarten. In some schools, a “family system” lets older students help preschoolers during chapel periods and at different times throughout the day, creating a safe, loving community for students of all ages. 

It is evident that the preschool staff really value the students and want to see them continue to grow at home.”

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It is evident that the preschool staff really value the students and want to see them continue to grow at home.

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