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Our K-8 schools are far beyond “elementary.” From close-knit, rural schools to brick-and-limestone landmarks in the heart of downtown Fort Wayne—a Lutheran school is a special place to learn and grow. The diversity of student bodies from one school to the next gives each Lutheran school a unique culture. But all are united by their passion for students and their love for Christ. The best way to capture a school’s spirit is to contact the school for a private tour. We invite you to visit and see the difference firsthand!

We also saw immediate improvement in academic performance and I credit the teachers for working closely with him and helping him grow every quarter.”

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My son is in first grade and his teacher has recorded lessons for the kids to watch and do along with her. At the end of a recent one she said, "bye, love you guys!" and it was so authentic and genuine like she was hanging up the phone with one of her own kids. A teacher can say that they miss their students, but this truly revealed how she felt in her heart.

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