My Plea

Posted on Mar 29, 2021 by Mark Muehl - Lutheran Spirit - Christian Living

April 5-12. Holy Week 2020. Do you remember it? We had just begun “hunkering down” responding to the authorities who were seeking to protect us from the dreaded COVID19 virus. There was a lot of fear. There was a lot of uncertainty. And we were stuck in our homes.

As faithful Christians, we were lamenting the inability to gather for Holy Week worship. No palm branches, processionals and Hosannas. No Holy Communion on Maundy Thursday. No listening to Jesus’ last words on Good Friday,or the remembering of his gruesome torture and his death. No hope of the Easter Vigil. No trumpets, alleluias and the joy of Easter worship.

As I wondered about this week’s post, I looked at last year’s Holy Week post ( It reflected on peace- the peace that Jesus gave in His words in the upper room. The peace shared by His confident physical presence. The peace that settled all fear. Conquering fear through the faith we have in Jesus is always essential, but last year the message of “Fear Not” resonated even more.

This year? We’re coming out on the other end of the pandemic. Restrictions are being lifted. Vaccinations are in widespread use. Optimism is brewing. Spring is showing itself in budding trees, blooming daffodils and longer, warmer days.

This year’s post for Holy Week is an urgent plea. It’s a plea for action- your personal action. It’s needed action in response to God’s grace. It’s a plea for healthy change. It’s a bellowing of “get ‘ur dun.”

In the past year, I found myself redirecting, focusing, and committing to a “fix your eyes on Jesus” approach to the craziness of the world. Everything around me- politics, societal unrest, vocational duress, emotional upheavals- everything seemed to be filled with conflict and duress. But Jesus? Fix my eyes on Jesus? There I found certainty, confidence, peace.

So my plea for you this week- plan your week around worship and join in focusing on Jesus. PERIOD.

Maundy Thursday- go to church and be fed by our Savior who shared his body and blood for you.

Good Friday- follow along through the kangaroo court, through the bloody mess that Jesus endured, the gruesome death of the cross...all for you.

Easter- sing those alleluias for death is defeated and heaven is for you. Sin is paid for and forgiveness is for you. New life through Christ is for you.

Our schools are places where the Holy Week events will be remembered daily. We will focus on Jesus- His life for us. His sacrifice for us. His holiness for us. Our schools are about Jesus...and Jesus will be front and center this week.

I am soooooooooo looking forward to this week. I am so looking forward to gathering with the faithful. I am so excited to be in church. I am so looking forward to remembering. The anticipation of Passion Week is here.