Shine a Light for Lutheran Education

Posted on Dec 27, 2021 by Mark Muehl - Funding the Mission - Lutheran Spirit

Champion, Leader, Collaborator:

We have discovered just what these words mean during this extended season of COVID19. Your prayers and gifts helped Alicia bring school leaders and technology staff together as our schools moved in and out of remote learning, and in supporting school leaders as they continue to grapple with contact tracing and substitute shortages.

Your support helped Jon as he continues to coach schools on ways to pivot their fundraising efforts, and help shine a light to record SGO Scholarship donations.

With the generosity of your time, talent, and treasure, TLSP acted as the beacon for disseminating and discussing responses and decisions pertaining to School Choice upgrades and potential attacks on our religious freedoms.

You are our Champion!

From The Lutheran Foundation board that envisioned the need for TLSP 12 years ago, to the many sponsors and attendees that answered the call to support our VIP Event in August, to the testimonial from a school leader praising the partnership with his school, and to the family that directed their Thrivent Choice Dollars to support Lutheran education in Northeast Indiana, we thank you! Your leadership helps continue what was started over 175 years ago and continues today: quality, Christian education.

As our schools hopefully return to some sort of norm in 2022 and beyond, the 19 schools and their 350 educators will be looking to TLSP to help navigate the next steps for the future. With God’s grace and your help, we can lead our schools to emerge stronger than ever.

Peace on Earth!

-- Mark, Alicia, & Jon

P.S. If only Magi had QR codes to help them find the King 2,000 years ago! Please try this QR code to help get “kids into Heaven” through Lutheran schools in Northeast Indiana. You can also mail your gift to 1601 St. Joe River Dr, Fort Wayne, 46805.