The Lutheran Schools Partnership Educator of the Year Nominees

Posted on Mar 22, 2021 by Mark Muehl - News and Events

The Lutheran Schools Partnership is pleased to announce the slate of nominees for the second Lutheran Schools Partnership Educator of the Year Award. These educators were nominated for this award by their peers or by parents of students in their schools based on areas of strengths in classroom teaching, educational innovation, supervision and administration, or Christian leadership. Nominees are recognized for being involved not only in the ministry of the school, but in other aspects of educational ministry in their congregation and community.

The nominees for The Lutheran Schools Partnership Educator of the Year (TLSPEY) 2021 are:

Jenny Brockberg, St. Peter’s Lutheran

Brittany Brune, St. Peter’s Lutheran

Chris Brune, St. Peter’s Lutheran

Debbie Christian, St. John Emmanuel Lutheran

Holly Ehle, St. Peter’s Lutheran

Daniel Gibson, Central Lutheran

Jenny Hobby, Holy Cross Lutheran

Andrea Koenig, St. Peter’s Lutheran

Pam Launer, St. Peter’s Lutheran

Hannah Maresh, Lutheran South Unity

Pastor Adam McDowell, St. Peter’s Lutheran

Brett Motter, St. Peter’s Lutheran

Dana Muehl, St. John Emmanuel Lutheran

Stephanie Mueller, St. Paul’s Lutheran

Kristan Nussbaum, Zion Lutheran

Angie Owen, Concordia Lutheran

Jacob Pennekamp, Emmanuel St. Michael Lutheran

Cyan Peters, Central Lutheran

Natalie Reynolds, Lutheran South Unity

Becky Schroeder, Holy Cross Lutheran

Yvonne Schwantz, Lutheran South Unity

Amanda Sorg, Central Lutheran

Heather Volmerding, St. Peter’s Lutheran

The winner of this year’s award will be honored at The Lutheran Schools Partnership’s VIP Event on August 28, 2021. For more information on our VIP event, visit our website .

Congratulations to these educators upon being nominated for The Lutheran Schools Partnership Educator of the Year Award. May God be praised for blessing our schools with outstanding servants who seek to educate, love, and serve their students, families, and churches.